Smartphone with Spatial Positioning On Transit (SPOT) system

We don't follow the leader.
We lead the way.


Our mission is to increase the use of public transportation by making our customers' transit offerings more attractive to riders. And we have the experience to get it done. Our engineers have decades of experience designing some of the most advanced communications systems in revenue service today. This expertise gave rise to Spatial Positioning On Transit (SPOT), our open architecture transit management system that provides unmatched accuracy, reliability, and extensibility-technology which shifts the traditional paradigm and boldly charts a new trail for state-of-the art, modern transit solutions.

At a time when only 30% of workers in the technology fields are women, (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014)*, only 15% in the software engineering profession (Garlinghouse, 2014)**, and only a select few holding prominent leadership positions (USAToday, 2014)***, we continue our trailblazing ways as one of the few woman-owned tech companies in the country.

With offices in Florida and Colorado, we're proud of our heritage and our vision for the future.

"With ETA, you are getting a partner for life. ETA employs a no excuses, no exceptions, can-do way of thinking to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Anything else is unacceptable."
—Nicole Castonguay, CEO


Photo of Nicole Castonguay, CEO

Nicole Castonguay, CEO

Has over 15 years of experience managing a diverse group of departments, new business units and new initiatives, all of varying sizes focusing on customer satisfaction, employee development, and quality procedures. Nicole values accountability, customer service, and commitment to daily operations. She has organized and developed a series of metrics based on IS0 9001 processes in order to measure results.

The measurement tools enable ETA to provide constructive feedback to customers, investors, and employees. Her focus is on communicating and reinforcing the direction of the company to insure innovation and continuous improvement.

Nicole holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Central Florida. Her knowledge in building relationships with the Customers is a critical to the success of ETA Transit Systems. Nicole has held upper level management positions with Extended Stay America, Hilton, and Target.

Nicole was recruited from the Hilton Corporation to manage the day to day operations for ETA Transit Systems. Nicole oversees the Accounting, HR, Global Sales, and Customer Service departments.

Photo of John Maglio, President and General Manager

John Maglio, President and General Manager

Has an extensive background in the management of technology and product development including previously serving as Director of Software Engineering at GeoFocus, LLC, a provider of real-time Automatic Vehicle Location and Passenger Information Systems for the commuter railroad industry.

Maglio holds degrees in both Computer Information Sciences and Finance from the University of Central Florida. His knowledge of software engineering and Project Management have made Maglio a sought after resource for a wide array of customers seeking systems that integrate leading edge technologies. Maglio has held senior level positions in a variety of corporations including LASAS Technologies, Florida Power & Light, and The Walt Disney Company.

As a founding member of LASAS Technologies, Maglio architected a loan origination system used by leading financial institutions such as Bank of America and Deutsche Financial Services. While with FPL and Disney, Maglio led projects that utilized then cutting edge technologies such as object-based databases and SmallTalk, a purely Object-Oriented programming language.

Photo of Stephen Gunning, Technical Architect

Stephen Gunning, Technical Architect

Holds a degree in Computer Science from Florida Atlantic University specializing in networking and software engineering. Prior to joining ETA Transit Systems, Steven was a Principal Software Engineer at xG Technology, Inc., an IP-centric developer of advanced, innovative technologies that enhance wired and wireless communication.

With xG Technology, Stephen oversaw the configuration management and system integration of the VOIP based mobile switching centers (MSCs), base stations, and mobile phone products. He also aided in the design and development of the custom applications at the heart of xG Technology's product suite.

Prior to his tenure at xG Technology, Inc., Stephen served as a Senior Software Engineer at GeoFocus, LLC. After being promoted to lead the Software Quality Assurance Group, Stephen developed tools and techniques that lead to break troughs in system scalability, much improved software configuration management, and much fewer defects. There was a time that GeoFocus' TIMStar system was incapable of supporting one of its largest customers. Stephen architected an automated test harness that made it possible to identify the root cause of the bottlenecks and ultimately repair this critical issue. In addition to leading software test automation and quality initiatives, Stephen played a major role in developing a train-borne communications system for Kinkisharyo cars sold to Valley Metro and Sound Transit.

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