A confident man in front of an illustration of a city depicting ETA's rich suite of real-time demand-response transit technologies.

Cross-industry experience and next-level innovation to drive results.

Public Transportation

We don't mean to boast, but our open architecture SPOT technology has allowed us to introduce 'big' ITS solutions for small- and medium-sized agencies on a scale and budget that is simply unmatched. Simply put, our systems are designed to be affordable yet perform on a scale of reliability and efficiency that is unmatched. With an ETA system, you can:

  • Provide riders with real-time bus status updates via the web, mobile, or SMS notifications.
  • Elevate customer satisfaction through increased rider information channels.
  • Enhance operational cost through route efficiencies that optimize fuel savings and on-time performance.
  • Realize long term goals with a system that grows with you; only add features when you need them—no costly proprietary systems that limit your ability to evolve.
  • Ensure ADA-compliance with arrival announcements.
  • Implement improved reporting with automatic passenger counting, headway analysis, and more
  • Improve response times and schedule on-demand pickup with our paratransit dispatch software
  • Save time and improve rider safety
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University Transit

We understand that transit directors are being asked to do more with less, while students' expectations rise. Our innovative solutions allow for us to say 'yes' to growth and the latest features where others are forced to say 'no.' From ADA compliance to automating ridership collection, we have a complete solution that can grow with you as your needs evolve.

  • Inform them with automatic on-board announcements, GPS tracking websites, and apps.
  • Keep them current with bus shelter passenger information displays (PIDS)
  • Engage riders with LCD Infotainment systems
  • Track them with automatic passenger counting/student ID card integration
Laptop and smartphones displaying ETA's apps, GPS tracking, and passenger information displays

Shuttle Services

Our innovative passenger counting solutions and adaptive arrival predictions allow you to optimize shuttle operations while improving safety and reducing passenger wait times at airports, hospitals, and corporate campuses. With a wide array of reporting features, our toolbox of solutions allow you to improve your bottom line with accurate, real-time information, and dynamic passenger counting.

  • Analyze actual hours versus mileage
  • Evaluate schedule adherence
  • Streamline data collection with automatic passenger counts
"We have been working with ETA for years at universities nation-wide. ETA consistently exceeds our expectations while providing first class customer service."
Paul Benigno, Sr. Director, Marketing & Service, Groome Transportation
Shuttle driver with shuttle van from Groome Transportation


An essential service to any on-demand transit operation, our integrated paratransit dispatch suite raises the bar on efficiency and convenience. Packed with features like electronic manifests and automatic data collection, our on-board systems automatically take care of the necessary but tedious tasks of logging and differentiating mileage and performance. Once your drivers are done, you're done too.

  • Improve driver satisfaction and on-time performance
  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry
  • Reduce vehicle mileage by optimizing ride sharing
  • Calculate revenue, deadhead, and loaded miles automatically
  • "ETA has taken our paratransit scheduling system into the 21st century. Our integrated dispatch system automates data collection and makes reporting a breeze."
    Renae Jording, Assistant Transit Director of the Cheyenne Transit Program
Photo of integrated paratransit dispatch suite installed on a public transportation shuttle

Rail & Streetcars

We don't have to tell you how demanding and complex the railroad industry can be—you live with it every day. Our intuitive open architecture solutions unravel that complexity with a suite of solutions that deliver easy-to-use and robust feature sets. Ranging from rider information systems to computer-aided dispatch and data collection, our products deliver value and scalability to handle needs of any size.

  • Ensure ADA-compliance with on-board "next stop" announcements
  • Keep customers in the loop with station platform passenger information display systems (PIDS)
  • Simplify communication with public websites and smart phone apps
  • Inform and entertain riders with LCD infotainment systems
  • Instantly track and dispatch with web-based CAD/AVL systems
  • Improve on-time performance and analyze trends to improve rider satisfaction and optimize operations
  • Impress with powerful interactive reports
  • Count and track passengers with automatic passenger counting
  • Engage riders with traveler information systems
Passenger with laptop accessing ETA's passenger information display systems
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