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We call it an unswerving confidence in our services. Our competition may call it an unfair advantage. However one might wish to label it, there's no denying that when we walk into a room, we simply have more solutions, more products, and more ideas at our disposal to deliver on any requirement. No outsourcing. Just an arsenal of scalable products that can be tailored to your specific situation at a price point that delivers far more value than our competition is capable of performing. This means we can deliver a single-source expansive solution to any range of criteria you can throw at us—and do so with an approach that provides an immediate solution and the luxury of long-term expansion.

Spatial Positioning On Transit (SPOT), is ETA Transit's flagship ITS product. SPOT is built on an open architecture and includes all of the tools needed to improve transit operations while drastically improving the rider experience. SPOT is simple to install, inexpensive to maintain, and provides intuitive and easy-to-use web-based user interfaces. SPOT provides:


Arm your drivers and dispatch crews with the latest on-board systems and simply your overall operations with SPOT's Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) software. Get real-time GPS-based location updates, schedule transit services and optimize routes with geo-fences and predictive reporting.

  • Fixed route and paratransit dispatch
  • Reports (operations, fleet, video)
  • Geo-fences

Traveler Information Systems

Your riders will never miss that next bus when you implement our comprehensive traveler information systems. Any rider armed with a phone or Internet-connected device can have instant access to the latest route information and arrival times.

  • Bus tracking websites
  • Smart phone apps
  • SMS messaging
  • Open API

On-Board Announcements

Ensure that every stop is clearly announced. Our on-board announcement systems provide multi-sensory engagement to riders and ensures ADA compliance with location-triggered audio and visual prompts. Point out route highlights, announce upcoming stops, and provide timely news and information updates from our easy-to-use scheduling web-based software.

  • GPS-triggered "next stop" announcements
  • Ad hoc (on-demand) announcements
  • Infotainment LCD screens

Passenger Counting

It's never been easier to count rider boardings and alightings than it is with our passenger counting systems. Whether you choose automatic or electronic solutions, you'll greatly simplify the tracking and census-taking of passenger loads.

  • Automatic Passenger Counting
  • Electronic Passenger Counting
  • Student Counting (integrates with existing student IDs)

Digital Signs

Remove the uncertainty for those waiting to ride by equipping your transit stations with digital display signage. Our display systems can be erected anywhere and provide your waiting passengers with real-time updates, estimated times of arrival, and the latest news and updates.

  • GPS-triggered "next bus" announcements
  • Scheduled announcements
  • Speaker systems with ambient noise sensing amplifiers


Engagement is such an important component of ensuring happy customers. Our on-board infotainment systems are a great way to provide route updates, announce 'next stop' destinations, and provide riders with information that creates an unparalleled transit experience.

  • In-vehicle Infotainment LCDs
  • Indoor Infotainment LCDs

Mobile Video Surveillance

Safety of employees and customers is a top priority for any organization. Our mobile video surveillance systems provide a critical and essential tool in ensuring the safety of your drivers and riders. Easily integrated with existing SPOT CAD/AVL systems, there will be an unblinking eye keeping watch and recording on-board activities.

  • High quality video
  • Automatic video downloads via Wi-Fi
  • Integrated with CAD/AVL software


An essential service to any on-demand transit operation, our integrate paratransit dispatch suite raises the bar on efficiency and convenience. Packed with features like electronic manifests and automatic data collection, our on-board systems automatically take care of the necessary but tedious tasks of logging and differentiating mileage and performance. Once your drivers are done, you're done too.

  • Improve driver satisfaction and on-time performance
  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry
  • Reduce vehicle mileage by optimizing ride sharing
  • Calculate revenue, deadhead, and loaded miles automatically
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