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It doesn't matter whether it's a private shuttle in Florida or a bus in Washington, versatility is a founding principle of ETA Transit Systems. No matter where you are on the map, we'll find you and help your vehicle and transit agency out. How's this possible? Simple. Our SPOT is easily the most flexible and adaptable Intelligent Transit System (ITS) on the market; a feature-rich solution designed to affordably grow with our clients as they evolve to satisfy to meet industry trends and rider demands. At the core of our approach to developing the best ITS solutions, is an unwavering commitment to providing a proactive brand of customer service and product innovation that is unparalleled—anywhere. This is why we have (and use) solutions such as CAD/AVL, so to help transit agencies provide the best service to riders. CAD/AVL makes it possible for us to locate transit vehicles and provide messaging to transit agencies so they can give the best rider experience there is. It is tools like this that we use and provide for our clients, combined with our attention to our clients' needs, that makes ETA stand out in customer service within the transportation industry.
As our customers will attest, ETA delivers on its promises for rapid response to concerns, and encourages real-world marketplace feedback for new feature development. This approach delivers proven performance and satisfaction and the highest sustained customer retention rate in the industry. We are proud of this.