Mobile video surveillance

Help secure the safety of passengers and drivers.

Custom designed mobile video surveillance systems are a must-have for any transit operation—serving as both an effective deterrent and capable witness, our rugged surveillance system stands up to the rigors or travel, weather, and over zealous defense attorneys.

Strategically placed high-definition camera and audio systems capture every activity on your vehicle or at stations and leverages the latest surveillance and video technology to maximize coverage, clarity, and system up-time. Boasting as many as 16 cameras and 18 audio inputs, our team works with yours to determine the best solution and coverage required to satisfy both safety and budgetary considerations. Our hardware is rigorously tested and sourced from reliable vendors who specialize in the mobile surveillance industry. The result is a peace-of-mind and heightened level of protection that contributes to the overall safety of riders and drivers, plus an added level of accountability.

Back office and mobile access options help navigate your recordings, and robust connectivity and storage options—both on vehicle and in the cloud—provide confidence that the footage will be there when its needed most.


High definition recording
High definition cameras and audio microphones provide the best solution for capturing crystal clear video and sound.
Support for multiple cameras
Ensure that each vehicle has every angle covered with strategic deployment of onboard monitoring systems.
User-friendly search tools
Easily scrub, index, and search recorded footage for easy recall and identification by time, location, asset, etc.
LTE/MIMI/Wi-Fi connectivity
Transmit collected footage automatically with cellular and local network options.
High capacity removable storage
Capture all events on a vehicle without the worry of running out of storage space.
Plug and play architecture
Safety system designed to grow with your agency and the advancement of new technology.
Vandal and impact resistant
Hardware is constructed using materials and enclosures that protect the system and ensure reliable operation.
Mobile app access
Monitor and review footage from anywhere with optional secure mobile access.

Integration with AVL/GPS systems

Provide an added layer of location-based security

Integrate your mobile vehicle surveillance system with your AVL tracking solution and provide your transit operation wth an extra layer of location-based support when investigating security issues. Beyond video records, the addition of syncronized data collection provide a wealth of information such as GPS position, vehicle speed, driver behaviors, and more. When investigating claims of negligence, motor vehicle or passenger accidents, or disruptive rider behavior, integration with your vehicle location system delivers an extra level of peace of mind and accountability.

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  • SPOT™ is an open architecture system that utilized commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This design delivers the foundation for simplified expansion and compatibility with hardware and software systems.

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