Q’straint integration

Save time with MDT-driven control of Q’straint wheelchair safety systems.

SPOT™ delivers an intuitive and reliable MDT-based integration of Quantum’s Q’straint™ wheelchair securement system, which provides drivers with real-time control and monitoring of this important and essential technology.

Developed in collaboration with Quantum’s engineers, our Q’straint™ mobile data terminal module provides a progress-driven indicator system that displays the four essential securement stages of wheelchairs on your vehicle. In real time, drivers are notified of any loading or system irregularities and the control to make informed decisions on whether to reload the system automatically or intervene manually to secure the passenger. It’s a solution that helps maintain the safety of all riders, plus keep your vehicle dwell times at stops to a minimum so that on-time performance goals can be maintained.

Beyond monitoring the loading process, the Q’straint module includes a built-in tutorial to help guide drivers on the proper use and care of the wheelchair system, resources for diagnosing basic issues, and expert control systems to help customize the display and appearance of the module to ensure maximum visibility.


Guided loading process
Visual progress of loading displayed on mobile data terminal to keep driver notified of potential issues or rider needs.
Guided tutorials
Quickly get drivers up-to-speed on the Q’straint system with built-in MDT user guide.
Secure fit and error notifications
Driver notified of loading errors with options for manual or MDT reset processes.
Expert configuration options
Password-protected customization of the appearance and behavior of the driver MDT interface.

The Q’strain MDT module

Remove the uncertainty of wheelchair securement

Quantum’s Q’straint™ system is a revolution in on-vehicle securement systems, and the SPOT™ onboard MDT Q’straint module represents a quantum leap in monitoring this new hardware. Equipped with real-time status updates and alerts, drivers will only have to assist wheelchair passengers in the event of a misalignment; keeping their focus on keeping on schedule and greater situational awareness of what is happening on the vehicle.

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