Structure tracking

Locate vehicles and collect data through tunnels, parking garages, and obscured sky.

Not every transit environment has the luxury of a clear view of the sky and solid cellular connections to track its vehicles. Yet buses, shuttles, and trains have to run and passengers need access to reliable travel information, and operators still need to collect the valuable data that powers their decisions, protects riders, and improves their service.

Our SPOT™ ITS solves this concern and delivers a reliable solution that satisfies the needs of all stakeholders in your transit operation. It provides real-time arrival predictions, accurately triggers onboard announcements, and safeguards your critical transit data. Deployed at numerous location across the country, SPOT™ employs the latest location and data collection technology to conquer this longstanding and troublesome tracking issue.


Continuous data collection
SPOT™ collects all transit data—even when there is no direct cellular or GPS connection.
Accurate arrival predictions
Hyper-accurate algorithms account for historical patterns, traffic, weather, and other factors to deliver real-time results.
Reliable announcement triggers
Even within structures, your onboard announcements will play at the designated times and locations.
Smooth vehicle tracking
Riders tracking progress on your websites, mobile apps, and rich-media displays will experience fluid vehicle motion.

Continuous data collection, tracking, & triggers

Ensure accurate arrival predictions—even with obstructed views

SPOT™ conquers the challenges of parking garages, lengthy tunnels, and other obstructions which may directly affect the ability to track vehicle progress and accurately trigger events such as announcements. By using a combination of hardware, software, and intelligent algorithms, your bus or shuttle continues to collect essential operational data and transform it into usable travel information.

  1. Vehicle operates with GPS tracking
  2. Vehicle enters area of obstructed view
  3.  Intelligent algorithms assume control over location & triggers
  4. GPS tracking resumes once GPS signal restored

When connections to GPS signal and SPOT’s cloud-based servers are restored, the information automatically syncronizes, is updated, and no one ever knows there was a signal interruption.

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  • Biggest. Best. Number one. These are all words you’ll hear when exploring your options for intelligent transit systems (ITS). While these words may sound impressive, they offer nothing when it comes to solving the specific needs of your transit operation.

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  • SPOT™ is an open architecture system that utilized commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This design delivers the foundation for simplified expansion and compatibility with hardware and software systems.

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