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Welcome to ETA Transit’s annual survey page. Every year, we poll thousands of transit operations across the United States on various topics relevant to the industry’s current state. We also poll public transit users on similar subjects to present viewpoints from both sides—riders and agencies. The results of these surveys are provided free of charge via email and social media to any interested party. It’s our way of contributing to a positive dialog about the market and the driving factors influencing critical decisions.

February 2022 topic: Customer Service

we’re looking to understand the dynamic between transit technology providers and agency, and how the expectations of customers may differ from supplier. We want to understand how you resolve issues, where you spend your time, and ultimately whether the issue is one of technology shortcomings or human error.

March 2022 topic: Technology Adoption

We examine the strategies and pitfalls transit agencies may face when adopting new technology or processes. We want to understand where friction exists and what roles a vendor can play to encourage participation and create ‘buy in.’


In this survey explore industry preference for vendors—specifically whether transit agencies prefer “one stop shop” vendors or multiple “specialized” partners.


In this survey, we are looking to understand which factors most directly impacted your decision-making process for your most recent transit technology purchase.

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