What factors influence customer satisfaction?

Communication, not technology, determines the satisfaction with transit systems It is a rarity in the mass transit technology market when we strike up a conversation with a potential customer, [...]

Are you ready to erase paper inspections?

Here’s what you need to know about digital trip inspection. By Matt Schroeder Director of Marketing, ETA Transit Systems One of the more popular feature requests we receive for our SPOT™ ITS [...]

Are your APCs ‘down’ for the count?

Maximize the efficiency of your automatic passenger counters for NTD certification-worthy results. By Matt Schroeder Director of Marketing, ETA Transit Systems I am going to dispel a myth for [...]

The screen generation will transform transit tech.

What’s also not a secret is that Millennials (and their younger Gen Z counterparts) are among the fastest-growing adopters of transit and the first generation not to view vehicle ownership as a [...]

E-paper displays are ready for prime-time transit

The e-paper solution has emerged in the transit space as a happy medium between the old-school LED signs and the colorful, yet expensive HD LCD screens.

Level up driver performance

Driver monitoring technologies exist to identify ineffective behaviors that could impact overall performance, increase rider satisfaction, and contribute to unsafe vehicle operation. Among the [...]