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At its simplest, you want your CAD/AVL software to deliver real-time tracking of your bus, shuttle, or train. Beyond those simple aspirations, you want your transit management software to do so much more, and that’s where ETA’s intelligent transit system (ITS) SPOT™ really shines. SPOT isn’t your typical transit asset management software, it’s so much more. It’s the foundation that serves as a launchpad for years of growth, expansion, and improved communication between your agency and your riders.

The SPOT ITS is a data collection powerhouse that collects information about all your operations. As next-generation transit asset management software, it harnesses the power of the cloud to deliver 99.9 percent uptime, anywhere access and control, and delivers the necessary tools and resources for you to analyze and interpret this data to make meaningful decisions about your operations.

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SPOT isn’t just CAD/AVL software, it’s a powerful integration platform that easily simplifies connection to automatic passenger counters, fare collection, infotainment, and other onboard hardware systems. Its versatility frees you from the proprietary shackles of legacy on-premises ITS hardware. There’s no new equipment to purchase, no expensive servers, and no need to staff an IT department merely to support your transit management software.

ETA Transit and SPOT deliver decades of experience integrating with hardware and software systems of all kinds. From displays and onboard signs to software APIs and system information transfer, your SPOT transit asset management software delivers a streamlined path to adoption, with short deployment times, simplified CAD/AVL software setup, and the robust training and support required to ensure a seamless transition from current ITS vendor.

Our SPOT transit management software is unlike anything else on the market. It is incredibly easy to use, with an intuitive user interface and a wide selection of standard software modules specifically developed to provide more ROI and more functionality out of the box. System updates are included in your system, which ensures you are always operating on the best version of the SPOT CAD/AVL software. The SPOT transit management software you purchase today won’t be the same one you are using a year from now. It will be more powerful, more intuitive, and more adaptable to the changing needs of a competitive mass transit market.

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Who is ETA Transit?

ETA Transit is a transit asset management services & software company that specializes in a wide range of transit services through comprehensive and versatile software known as SPOT. The SPOT platform meets the challenges of modern transit operations. Services provided by ETA Transit through the SPOT platform include: CAD/AVL Systems, GPS Fleet Management, Transportation Business Intelligence, Transit Digital Signage, Transit Fare Collection, Infotainment Software, Transit Mobile Video Surveillance, Automatic Passenger Counting, Pre-trip Inspection Software, Route Management Software, and Vehicle Health Monitoring. Through the SPOT system, ETA Transit ensures your operation is running smoothly. ETA Transit services are available nationwide.

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