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ETA Transit provides comprehensive software solutions that optimize operations, enhance passenger experience, and improve overall efficiency.

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The future of connected transit has arrived.

At its simplest, you want your CAD/AVL software to deliver real-time tracking of your bus, shuttle, or train. The SPOT ITS is a data collection powerhouse that collects information about all your operations. As next-generation transit CAD/AVL software, it harnesses the power of the cloud to deliver 99.9 percent uptime, anywhere access and control, and delivers the necessary tools and resources for you to analyze and interpret this data to make meaningful decisions about your operations.

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A right-sized foundation for transit operations of any size

SPOT is a powerful integration platform for connecting onboard hardware systems like passenger counters, fare collection, and infotainment. It frees you from legacy ITS hardware, eliminating the need for new equipment, servers, or IT staff. With ETA Transit's expertise, SPOT ensures seamless integration, quick deployment, simplified software setup, and robust support for transitioning from your current ITS vendor.

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Trusted by municipalities across the nation.

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Unparalelled engineering

It's user-friendly, with an intuitive interface and a variety of pre-built software modules that offer increased ROI and functionality. Regular system updates are included, guaranteeing access to the latest version of SPOT CAD/AVL software. Your software will continually improve, becoming more powerful, intuitive, and adaptable to the evolving mass transit market.

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