Pre-plan your RFP evaluation

Tools to help your RFP to set realistic expectations and deliver a focused review. Over our history, ETA Transit has submitted hundreds of proposals for mass transit technology RFPs. We’ve [...]

Are you ready to erase paper inspections?

Here’s what you need to know about digital trip inspection. By Matt Schroeder Director of Marketing, ETA Transit Systems One of the more popular feature requests we receive for our SPOT™ ITS [...]

Are your RFPs getting you the responses you want?

The RFP creation and evaluation process can be troublesome, but if a logical approach and sound strategies inform the type of responses you seek, then it need not be such a cumbersome effort.

The sky is the limit with a cloud-hosted ITS.

Skeptics abound, but the modern ITS is grounded in operational efficiency. By Matt SchroederDirector of Marketing, ETA Transit Systems Market research is a big part of my gig here at ETA. I’m [...]

Next-generation route management expands options for efficiency.

By Matt Schroeder Director of Marketing, ETA Transit Systems As a marketer, I’m constantly exposed to new and interesting facts. Did you know that a transit agency on average spends between two [...]

Forget text-to-speech for your on-board announcements, pre-recorded audio is better.

Turn up the volume on pre-recorded audio. By John Maglio, President ETA Transit Systems Full disclosure: I’ve always disliked text-to-speech (TTS). It’s a wholly impersonal means of conveying [...]