Passenger counting

Bus passenger counting systems improve accuracy and eliminate manual processes.

Passenger Counting

Level up your ridership tallies

ETA Transit’s bus passenger counting systems deliver real-time data to your back office systems to help with ridership forecasting, route analysis, NTD reporting, and much more.

Select your choice of state-of-the-art automatic passenger counting system (APC) hardware, each with the latest capabilities, including:

  • Bi-directional counting
  • Variable positioning
  • U-turn detection
  • Auto-detection of static images like luggage, briefcases, and backs
  • Double-count mitigation
  • Driver boarding/alighting count adjustment
  • Compensates for the opening and closing of doors
  • Support for hands-free video streaming and recording.

Already have a bus passenger counting system? Don’t worry. We integrate with all major hardware manufacturers—and that streamlines the adoption of your new SPOT™ ITS.

Don’t want to invest in APCs? No problem, use our included SPOT mobile data terminal (MDT) electronic passenger counting (EPC) solution to eliminate pen and paper tallies and avoid the pitfalls of manual data entries. The EPC helps to verify the accuracy of your automatic passenger counting system. It even serves as a backup bus passenger counting system in the unlikely event of APC failure.


Standard MDT-based digital counting

Eliminate the uncertainty of manual counts with our single-tap electronic passenger counting module.

Integrated diagnostics

Quickly verify functionality and overall system health with built-in diagnostic tools.

Automatic passenger counter option

Ensure the highest level of performance and precision with 98 percent accurate automatic passenger counters (APC).

Live video streaming

Get a live look-in on passengers as they board and alight the vehicle.

Carry-on and U-turn identification

APCs automatically differentiate between boarding, alighting, and U-turn passengers, and the items they carry.

Real-time reporting

Get accurate counts as they happen and feed that data to your apps and websites to riders in the form of vehicle loads.

Energy efficient with small installation footprint

Securely installed and with a minimal profile, APCs are downright miserly when it comes to power consumption.

Exceptionally reliable hardware

An investment in quality with APC MTBF greater than 500,000 hours.

Our most accurate system

Up to 98 percent accurate passenger counts

While SPOT™ can reliably integrate with every major automatic passenger counting system on the market, we’d be lying if we didn’t state that we had a fondness for Hella®, IRIS®, Dilax®, and Xovis®. These bus passenger counting systems were rigorously tested with our SPOT™ ITS and have our complete confidence to deliver highly accurate counts in any transit environment.

In our view, it’s the combination of SPOT™ and quality APC hardware that delivers the most reliable automatic passenger counting systems on the market.

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