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Close the communication gap with real-time tracking websites and apps.

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Enhanced travel experience with SPOT

SPOT™ delivers real-time tracking websites and mobile apps as a standard component to its ITS and SPOTLite™ solutions. Beyond basic tracking, these solutions deliver a robust set of features that provide a curb-to-curb travel experience. From intuitive route selection to rider alerts and built-in trip planning, to displaying local amenities such as banks, dining, and shopping, riders armed with SPOT™ traveler information system will have no difficulty navigating to their final destination.

The SPOT™ mobile app is available for both Apple® iOS™ and Google® Android™ devices, and the tracking website is accessible through any modern browser regardless of platform. The information screens automatically resize to fit the display area, ensuring a crisp user experience.

Take the mobile app for a test drive by downloading it for free.


Simplified route selection

Easy-to-use toggle-based selection allows riders to view only the routes they’re interested in and get real-time information.

Built-in user tutorials

Passenger can quickly get up to speed on how to use the website and app with easy-to-follow instructions.

Service alerts and messages

All service messaging and alerts are automatically pushed to both websites and apps to ensure riders stay informed.

Rider feedback

Built-in feedback and rating tool allows riders to quickly send compliments, complaints, and feedback about your service.

Trip planning

Riders can quickly navigate the complexities of different services, routes, and schedules.

Area attractions

Maps display area destinations such as shopping, banking, dining, museums, and more.

Responsive design

Tracking website and apps automatically scale to fit the display of any monitor or mobile device for best presentation.

Brand-building links

Increase passenger engagement , conduct research, or generate ad revenue with a built-in sponsored links section.

Give your riders confidence as they travel

Instant updates and route planning on-the-go

Travel on public transit can be an unnerving experience—especially for first-time riders or visitors to your city and service. The SPOT™ mobile app takes the uncertainty from travel with an easy-to-use interface. Place QR links on stations/stops and promotional materials to help travelers download the free up and remove uncertainty from their transit experience. Try the app now!


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