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Computer-Aided Dispatch and Real-time AVL/GPS Transit Software

ETA Transit’s SPOT™ CAD/AVL system provides a comprehensive CAD/AVL/GPS fleet management foundation for public transit agencies. It includes onboard equipment, back-office software, and passenger information systems. The scalable cloud-based CAD/AVL software has been deployed in over 75 transit agencies nation-wide and offers GPS tracking/automatic vehicle location (AVL), computer-aided dispatch (CAD), GTFS/GTFS-RT, dispatch and operations tools, dashboards, NTD reporting, and incident management.

CAD/AVL Transit System Software
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With its cloud-based SAAS architecture, installation takes weeks, not months, benefiting from bi-weekly product updates. SPOT™ CAD/AVL software improves operational efficiency, safety, and enhances the rider experience to attract more passengers to public transit.

Our CAD/AVL system represents a cornerstone in integrated systems, combining computer-aided dispatch capabilities with automatic vehicle location technology to offer a comprehensive solution for transit agencies. The AVL tracking software embedded within the CAD/AVL system provides real-time business intelligence insights into the location and status of each vehicle in the fleet. This real-time visibility enables transit operators to optimize routes, improve response times, and enhance overall operational efficiency. With our CAD/AVL system, agencies can seamlessly manage their fleets while ensuring a smoother and more reliable transit experience for passengers.


Map-based tracking

Track busses in real time using automatic vehicle location (AVL) tracking software while monitoring schedule adherence, operator behavior, and passenger loads.

Service alerts

Quickly create or schedule rider alerts that are sent to all SPOT-connected systems, bus stop signs, onboard infotainment, and rider apps.

Route management and creation

Manage all aspects of your route and schedules, head sign integration, automatic on-board announcements, and farebox integration with our CAD/AVL system’s intuitive Route Manager.

Instant Replay

Review, rewind, and fast-forward through all recorded vehicle data on a map to review incidence, performance, and more.

Live stop performance and asset tracking

Get a real-time transportation business intelligence look at how your buses and shuttles are performing at each stop and against established schedules.


One-click GTFS management and native support for GTFS-RT to ease software integration.

Live vehicle anti-bunching and headway tracking

Monitor headways and bus bunching with intuitive console- and MDT-based anti-bunching tools.

Comprehensive data collection

Manage your GTFS data and on-board systems in one place.

control your routes

Game-Changing AVL/GPS Fleet Management

SPOT™ revolutionizes CAD/AVL transit management software with advanced planning tools. The Route Manager’s intuitive interface provides one-click GTFS import and export, real-time detour management, and tools to manage your onboard systems such as automatic on-board announcements, head sign and farebox integration, and bus schedules and interlines. Developed through extensive industry research, SPOT™ is a next-generation route management system that stands out in the AVL tracking software market. 

At the heart of our AVL/GPS tracking solution lies their AVL/GPS fleet management capabilities. By leveraging GPS technology and AVL tracking software, ETA empowers transit agencies like yours with precise location data and comprehensive fleet management tools. The AVL/GPS fleet management system enables agencies to monitor vehicle movements, track performance metrics, and analyze operational patterns in real-time. This data-driven approach to fleet management facilitates better decision-making, resource allocation, and service planning, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Experience its exceptional capabilities through a single demonstration and witness the unique value it can add to your CAD/AVL system.

Advantages of Our CAD/AVL Solutions

ETA Transit’s CAD/AVL solutions offer several key advantages to transit agencies like yours. Firstly, the integration of computer-aided dispatch and automatic vehicle location streamlines operations, allowing for seamless communication between dispatchers and drivers. Secondly, the AVL tracking software provides real-time visibility into fleet movements, enabling agencies to proactively respond to incidents and optimize service delivery. Additionally, the AVL/GPS fleet management capabilities enable agencies to monitor performance metrics, analyze data, and make data-driven decisions to improve overall operational efficiency.

ETA Transit’s CAD/AVL/GPS tracking solutions offer a comprehensive suite of tools for transit agencies to manage their fleets effectively. By combining computer-aided dispatch, automatic vehicle location, and AVL tracking software, your agency will be empowered with real-time visibility, data-driven insights, and enhanced operational efficiency.

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