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CAD/AVL Transit System Software

Real-time AVL/GPS transit technology

ETA Transit’s SPOT™ CAD/AVL system provides a comprehensive CAD/AVL/GPS fleet management foundation for public transit agencies. It includes onboard equipment, back-office software, and passenger information systems. The scalable cloud-based CAD/AVL software has been deployed in over 75 transit agencies nation-wide and offers GPS tracking/automatic vehicle location (AVL), computer-aided dispatch (CAD), GTFS/GTFS-RT, dispatch and operations tools, dashboards, NTD reporting, and incident management

With its cloud-based SAAS architecture, installation takes weeks, not months, benefiting from bi-weekly product updates. SPOT™ CAD/AVL software improves operational efficiency, safety, and enhances the rider experience to attract more passengers to public transit.


Map-based tracking

Track busses in real time while monitoring schedule adherence, operator behavior, and passenger loads.

Service alerts

Quickly create or schedule rider alerts that are sent to all SPOT-connected systems, bus stop signs, onboard infotainment, and rider apps.

Route management and creation

Manage all aspects of your route and schedules, head sign integration, automatic on-board announcements, and farebox integration with our CAD/AVL system’s intuitive Route Manager.

Instant Replay

Review, rewind, and fast-forward through all recorded vehicle data on a map to review incidence, performance, and more.

Live stop performance and asset tracking

Get a real-time transportation business intelligence look at how your buses and shuttles are performing at each stop and against established schedules.


One-click GTFS management and native support for GTFS-RT to ease software integration.

Live vehicle anti-bunching and headway tracking

Monitor headways and bus bunching with intuitive console- and MDT-based anti-bunching tools.

Comprehensive data collection

Manage your GTFS data and on-board systems in one place.

control your routes

Unleash game-changing route management (with a twist)

SPOT™ revolutionizes CAD/AVL transit management software with advanced planning tools. The Route Manager’s intuitive interface provides one-click GTFS import and export, real-time detour management, and tools to manage your onboard systems such as automatic on-board announcements, head sign and farebox integration, and bus schedules and interlines.

Developed through extensive industry research, SPOT™ is a next-generation route management system that stands out in the AVL tracking market. Experience its exceptional transit technology through a single demonstration and witness its uniqueness.

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