VOIP Communication

Replace your radio chatter with clear, direct communication.

Enhanced communication and connectivity

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is an emerging technology that has recently begun to see applications within the transit industry over recent years. VOIP replaces the standard radio communications with press-to-talk (PTT) capabilities that provide clearer, more direct channels to speak with dispatch without a message share across multiple vehicles. The technology leverages the cellular service used by the installed ITS to manage connections with the home base.

SPOT’s VOIP solution represents a clear advantage to transit agencies who seek to improve connectivity and situational awareness between vehicle and dispatch, enhance the clarity and quality of communications, and deliver faster, more precise responses to field-generated concerns.


Create group calls

Easily connect between 2 and 300 operators on a single call with recording and selective muting.

Secure connection with voice logs

Protect your system with secure authentication protocols to present access to all logical channels.

Create talk groups

Loop in key stakeholders like administrators into calls for improved communication, collaboration, and decision-making.

Integration with incident, maintenance, and replay systems

Assign calls by category (e.g. passenger incident, maintenance issue, traffic accident, etc.) for action and future review..

Streamlined voice communication

Use VOIP to connect with drivers via a vehicle’s cellular connection

Top 10 reasons to adopt the SPOT™ VOIP solution:
  1. Support for one-way and two-way communication between
    drivers and dispatch
  2. Easy request for talk via RTT or PRTT buttons and through the MDT
  3. One-to-one and one-to-many voice connection capable
  4. Route calls to driver headset or interior/exterior vehicle speakers
  5. Secure connection
  6. Audio and visual incoming call notifications
  7. Priority-based alert and queuing system
  8. Support for talk group patching, multi-selection, caller ID
    cross-muting, instant recall recording, passive listening, and more
  9. Supports group calls of up to 300 simultaneous users
  10. Seamless integration with CAD/AVL system for multi-group call selection

How does VOIP work?

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