Digital Displays

Passenger information displays convey critical information in real-time.

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There’s nothing like SPOT on the market.

Think for a moment about the entire passenger journey. Consider how many touchpoints are required to reach your riders to communicate information accurately and in a timely matter. Every schedule change, detour, and delay contributes to complaints, inbound calls, and lowers the community’s confidence in your service. The days of paper schedules are over. Today, riders want mobile apps and websites. The world has gone digital

Enter digital signage for transportation.

Our passenger information displays provide the flexibility to connect multiple information feeds and content types to your vehicles and stations. From simple text-based messaging and headsigns to vibrant interactive kiosks and environmentally-friendly solar-powered options, ETA’s digital signage for transportation options brings information to you and your passengers’ fingertips.

ETA’ passenger information display solutions are designed for even the most demanding transit environments— indoor, outdoor, cold, wet, or dry.


Onboard and station solutions

Over 20 years of transit-related signage experience, with solutions for any situation.

Solar powered e-paper displays

Decrease your carbon footprint, minimize deployment costs, and create a custom display expereince with e-paper signs.

Real-time integration with ITS solutions

Seamlessly connect with your CAD/AVL systems to display real-time arrival predictions, alerts, and more.

Interactive kiosks

Create a dynamic presentation and deliver information and multimedia content with branded ITS-connected kiosks.

LED displays

Traditional headsign, onboard, and station-based LED signage provide riders with real-time arrival predictions and alerts.

TransitScreen® transit aggregation

Help riders arrive at their final destination by displaying arrival predictions from other area transit options, including TNCs.

High-definition LCD displays

Leverage the flexibility of modern LCD display technology to deliver a variety of multimedia content to riders.

Multimedia capable content management

Manage, deploy, and create new revenue streams with multimedia video, image, and URL-driven content.

Digital signage for transportation

Over 20 years of passenger information display experience

Many transit technology providers say they can do digital signs, but it’s part of our DNA at ETA. We understand the importance and nuance of display integration and have a track record for sign deployment that extends coast-to-coast—at airports, bus rapid transit (BRT), rail stations, transit stops, and theme parks.

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