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The perfect railway tracking system for today's challenges

Although the public does not rely heavily on streetcars and trolleys to get around as it once did, these kinds of rail-based transportation, along with trains, are still a staple in many cities. Streetcars and trolleys can be popular among tourists in some areas, and some places are giving the streetcar a sleek, modern update to better serve today’s commuters and fill the gap between busses and heavy rail transportation. Trains are obviously relied upon by thousands of tourists and locals alike, especially in large cities.

With these three different vehicles of varying degrees of popularity, rider capacity, and many other differences, it can be difficult to find a railway tracking system to manage everything effectively. Until now. ETA Transit’s SPOT rail asset management software has everything you need to meet the challenges of modern transit operations. It can also grow, change, and adapt as your operations do. It’s an evolving platform that will meet all of today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.


More than just a railway tracking system

Sure, our system can track streetcars, trolleys, and trains in real-time – but that’s just the beginning. SPOT also provides:
  • Automated passenger counting
  • Automated vehicle monitoring
  • Automated vehicle announcements
  • Infotainment options and onboard Wi-Fi
  • Passenger information displays
  • Paratransit capabilities
  • Mobile video surveillance
  • And much more!
These features are modular, meaning you can customize it to your needs and never have to pay for rail asset management software you’ll never use. As a cloud-hosted technology, SPOT offers several to benefits transit agencies of all sizes:
  • Lower adoption costs
  • No servers or IT staff needed
  • All collected data is automatically and securely stored
  • 99.9% uptime
  • New features can be quickly and easily deployed
  • Updates pushed to all vehicles on a bi-weekly basis
  • Fleet management can be accessed on your smartphone, tablet, or computer

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