Hospital transportation system

Help make a stressful time easier with simplified transportation solutions.

Any trip to the hospital is bound to be fraught with worry.

Beyond the health-related concerns, there’s the question of where to park, where to go, and simplifying the transport of patients who may require assistance in getting from A to B. SPOT™ helps mitigate these concerns through a suite of powerful, yet easy-to-use tools to help support your hospital’s parking and shuttle operations. From real-time shuttle tracking websites and mobile apps to versatile automatic vehicle announcements and digital displays, you’ll have the resources needed to reduce the confusion of a trip to visit loved ones or seek medical attention.

Hospital System

Featured Solutions

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CAD / AVL / GPS Tracking

Accurate real-time vehicle tracking collects essential operational data to improve on-time performance.
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Deliver essential information, promote events, play video, generate revenue, and improve the rider experience.
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Tracking websites and apps

Keep riders informed with real-time arrival predictions, system alerts, trip planning, and more.
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Passenger counting

Deliver audio alerts, instructions, and information based on a variety of criteria, such as date, time, location, and more.
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