Campus transit system

Earn top marks for getting students, faculty, and staff from A to B.

If the classroom is the brain of the campus body, then the university transit system is the heart.

Reliably pumping students, professors, and staff from study halls to dorms; from libraries to the practice field. Ensuring reliable transportation is a key component to a successful academic life, and our SPOT™ ITS delivers more information and resources to a school’s population than a late-night cram session. A flexible foundation for transit operations, SPOT™ provides a right-sized solution for any setting. From real-time vehicle tracking websites to student ID-based passenger counting to dynamic high definition LCD information systems, our campus solution is all but guaranteed to be the valedictorian of your school’s transit operation.

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Featured Solutions

Navigating the Transit Revolution: Part V—The Future

As technology continues its rapid advancement, the future of GTFS development is marked by a commitment to addressing real-world challenges and embracing emerging innovations. Recent contributions and pull requests to the GTFS repository demonstrate an ongoing effort to refine and enhance the specification.
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The Need for Rugged Transit-Grade Computers in Harsh Transit Environments

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CAD / AVL / GPS Tracking

Accurate real-time vehicle tracking collects essential operational data to improve on-time performance.
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Deliver essential information, promote events, play video, generate revenue, and improve the rider experience.
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Tracking websites and apps

Keep riders informed with real-time arrival predictions, system alerts, trip planning, and more.
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Automatic passenger counting

Keep track of passengers’ coming sand goings and eliminate manual processes with our suite of passenger counting tools.
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