Paratransit Scheduling Software

Bring demand-response mobility to those who need it most.


Easy, Powerful, & Flexible Microtransit

We understand that demand-response scheduling software needs to be easy, powerful, and flexible.

Our intuitive web-based scheduling system provides trusted reliability and unmatched accuracy for microtransit across your agency. Gone are the headaches of manual scheduling and dispatch. Our SPOT-powered mobility system delivers friendly touch-screen terminals with digital manifests, real-time updates, interactive mapping, and two-way messaging between dispatch and drivers.

Our MDT-supported driver interface provides a wealth of information quickly and provides for on-the-fly demand-response adjustments to pickup and dropoff schedules, communications, event logging, and essential passenger preferences and information. This all comes together to provide seamless microtransit services for your community.


Rider information

Quick address lookup, Google® Maps™, special needs, eligibility status, funding source, demographics, and more.

Unlimited users

Add and mangage an unlimited number of users, access rights, and reporting priviledges.

Booking information

Support for unique recurrence patterns, auto fill-in addresses and destinations, intuitive pick-up and drop-off windows.

Reporting and metrics

Track revenue and deadhead miles, on-time performance metrics, parameterized reporting, and spreadsheet export.

Scheduling functionality

Create trip clusters, manual routing changes, color codes, adjustable stop orders, callback module, and other features.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Notify via voice for each rider’s next day pickup time(s) and outgoing trip information.

Automatic scheduling

Create trip clusters, manual routing changes, color codes, adjustable stop orders, callback module, and other features.

100% HIPPA compliant

Protect patient privacy with secure communications, records, and medical history.

Digital MDT manifest

Simplify driver responsibilities, improve demand-response accuracy.

The data collected by the MDT can provide amazing benefits for dispatchers and managers. With crucial information at their fingertips, managers can view historic tracking reports, and dispatchers can visually see which drivers are behind schedule as well as the estimated arrival times to their next stop. As drivers “swipe” through their stops, the office staff is immediately pinged with a status update and notified if a vehicle is running late. Each stop transmits a time stamp, action definition, and odometer reading to dispatch, providing demand-response users with current ETAs for upcoming stops.

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