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Make their next experience the best one yet.

Passenger transport is often overlooked at theme parks and resorts.

Theme park buses and shuttles enhance the guest experience by providing a more enjoyable and memorable trip. Passenger displays on these vehicles can share information about attractions and dining options, increasing excitement and helping guests plan their visit. SPOT, a theme park shuttle bus management software by ETA Transit, offers a unique solution for managing your fleet. It’s a customizable cloud-hosted technology that can be tailored to your current challenges and easily adapted for future needs. With modular design, you only pay for the features you actually use.

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More than just a shuttle tracking system

Some of the key features SPOT provides include:

• Infotainment options
• Passenger information displays
• Onboard Wi-Fi
• Automated vehicle announcements
• Automated passenger tracking
• Automated vehicle tracking
• And many more!

As a cloud-hosted technology, SPOT’s theme park shuttle bus management software can be accessed anywhere – on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. But that’s not the only benefit. But this convenient access is not the only benefit. Cloud-hosted technology also helps you out in the following ways:

• Low adoption costs
• No need to maintain your own IT staff or servers
• All collected data gets automatically stored
• 99.9% uptime
• Easily implement new features
• Update all vehicles in your fleet at the same time

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