Business intelligence

Reporting and analysis tools that drive data-based decisions.


Easy-to-use Transit Business Intelligence program.

Equipped with over 100 ready-made reports out-of-the-box, you will find that our tools help analyze and evaluate your collected information. Our standard Transit BI solution helps to drive data-driven decisions about your transit operations. Our robust system will allow you to:

  • Collect data, understand your routes, and identify passenger travel behaviors in greater depth
  • Help improve driver performance and retain staff with behavior monitoring tracking
  • Make short work of routine ridership, on-time performance, and NTD reports with over 100 ready-made queries

Best of all, should you need a new report to enhance your Transit Business Intelligence efforts, ETA will develop custom reports—free of charge.


Passenger counts

Automatic passenger counts, electronic passenger counts, and card scans by vehicle, route, stop, doors, and more.

Driver behavior

Excessive idle time, speed infractions by route and ID, schedule performance, authorization attempts, and more.

System health

On-board diagnostics, engine time, check system health, asset connection, and more.

Hours and mileage

Scheduled vehicle miles and hours, vehicle summary, yard time, garage pull out, geofence trip mileage, and more.


SPOT simplifies NTD reporting, streamlining the process for efficient and effortless data submission.

Arrivals and departures

Arrivals and departures by date (runtime; post), by station, by route, period, and more.


Ridership totals by route and type, NTD monthly ridership and summary, by stop with intervales, and more.

Route performance

On-time performance, passenger load by route, headways by route, stop performance, stop heat maps, and more.

Transit Business Intelligence (BI)

ETA Transit’s Transit Business Intelligence (BI) solutions provide a key tool for transit agencies seeking to optimize their operations and strategic decision-making processes. Through the aggregation and analysis of vast amounts of transportation data, we empower agencies like yours to gain valuable insights into various aspects of their operations, including route performance, passenger demographics, and resource utilization. By leveraging Transit Business Intelligence, you can identify trends, uncover hidden patterns, and make data-driven decisions that drive efficiency and enhance service quality.

Our Transit BI solutions offer a range of key features designed to meet the unique needs of transportation agencies. These features include advanced analytics tools, customizable dashboards, and predictive modeling capabilities. With intuitive visualization tools and interactive reports, SPOT enables agencies to transform complex data into actionable insights. Whether it’s optimizing routes to minimize travel times, identifying high-demand areas for service expansion, or predicting maintenance needs to prevent downtime, our Transit BI equips agencies like yours with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve.

Benefits of SPOT

The adoption of Transit Business Intelligence systems like SPOT brings numerous benefits to transit agencies. By harnessing the power of SPOT’s data analytics, agencies can optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. Real-time monitoring and predictive analytics enable agencies to proactively identify and address issues before they escalate, leading to enhanced reliability and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Transit BI facilitates evidence-based decision-making, enabling agencies to align their strategies with evolving market demands and emerging trends.

By offering robust analytics tools and actionable insights, ETA Transit empowers agencies to unlock the full potential of their data and drive continuous improvement. With Transit BI, agencies can stay agile, responsive, and competitive in an ever-evolving landscape, ultimately delivering superior transit experiences to passengers. Stay ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic transportation ecosystem with our business intelligence system, SPOT.

Upgrade to self-service analytics

Custom transportation BI dashboards for improved insights

Your transit agency creates a lot of information. While SPOT’s built-in reporting module delivers an incredible number of built-in transportation business intelligence tools, some agencies need something extra under the hood. Our transportation BI module provides a high-octane jump to your analysis tools in the form of custom views and dashboards.

With a business intelligence upgrade, you can unleash the full potential of your collected data by providing the ability to slice, dice, and view your information from any angle or association. Connect your inputs in surprising ways and create dynamic visualizations that provide unprecedented insights into your transit operations. The possibilities are limitless—and you bypass the need for ETA to create custom reports, providing you near-instant access to your transportation business intelligence analysis.

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