Vehicle health monitoring (AVM)

A front row seat to vehicle performance.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Comprehensive fleet monitoring and management

Dispatchers and system administrators will have a real-time view of each vehicle’s status in one convenient dashboard that delivers actionable insights and custom alerts. Real-time fault notifications and historical reports help prevent breakdowns, encourage preventative maintenance, and diagnose severity of an issue while the bus is on route. Available driver monitoring help reduce fuel consumption, increase passenger safety, and identify training opportunities to help reduce cost and staff performance.

Our AVM solution supports both non-electric and electric vehicles. Electric vehicle monitoring can help encourage energy-saving driving behaviors that can help boost range by 30 percent and alert for battery cell degradations. Even charging station status can be included in the dashboard providing you full 360°-degree operational status of your fleet.


Vehicle monitoring

Gather essential information about your fleet with key system monitoring, notifications, statistics and reports.

Smart driving add-in (option)

Gain insights into driver behavior to identify training opportunities, .performance analysis, and reporting tools.

Maintenance add-in (option)

Pop the hood on vehicle health with remote diagnostic tools, and monitoring of an expanded set of systems.

A 360° view of vehicle operations

Maintain situational awareness of your fleet’s health

Our standard vehicle health monitoring solution includes:

  1. Engine / 24V battery / air pressure monitoring
  2. Incident notifications
  3. Vehicle statistics
  4. Route energy statistics (for electric vehicles)
  5. Management reports

Expand monitoring capabilities with optional premium features like:

  1. Fuel consumption and idle time
  2. Remote diagnostics
  3. Engine and gearbox monitoring
  4. Brake lining monitoring
  5. Fault logging overviews

and much more…


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