Pre-trip inspection

Eliminate manual processes and improve passenger safety and vehicle readiness

Whiparound On Monitor With App

Intuitive and easy-to-use

Armed with an easy-to-use guided approach queue system, users are guided through the inspection process via an intuitive app-driven solution for tablets and smartphones. As drivers inspect their vehicle, safety issues are easily recorded and transmitted to the maintenance team for action. Supervisors, in turn, are presented with an intelligently-designed dashboard that provides real-time situation updates, allows for prioritization of work orders, inventory management, and much more!


Streamlined inspection

Improve accountability, simplify driver responsibilities, and deliver a safer ride for passengers.

MDT-based logging

Use the onboard mobile data terminal to record vehicle inspection results and securely record them for later use..

Customizable inspection item list

Fine-tune your the items to match the systems on your vehicles by adding custom categories from the back-office software.

Integration with AVM systems

Export your pre-trip inspection data with your automatic vehicle monitoring system for increased visibility of potential concerns.

Ditch the clipboard

What can you do with ETA’s DVIR solution?

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