Solar e-paper signage

Unleash the potential of digital e-paper displays.


Next-gen real-time information

Papercast® e-paper signs provide a highly flexible, powerful communication platform for transit operators seeking a reliable communication platform that mixes next-gen screen display technology, modern design aesthetic, and versatile real-time information capabilities.

ETA Transit’s SPOT™ software suite enables all the displays in the system to be monitored and managed from a central location. Solar-powered e-paper displays provide travelers with reliable real-time information in the most cost-effective way—no matter where a bus stop is located.


All-weather displays

Made from the latest materials and state-of-the-art technology, these signs deliver legible displays on cold and hot days alike.

Energy efficient

A single charge from the solar panel can power the signs for weeks—a perfect solution for areas with sustained cloud cover.

Easy, theft-resistant installation

Papercast® can be securely displayed to almost any surface and discourages theft using sturdy, theft-resistant screws/bolts

Powerful content management

A powerful cloud-based content management system allows you to remotely manage your e-paper displays in real-time.

Much more than a sign of the times

10 reasons to invest in Papercast® solar powered signage

Papercast® signs feature:

  1. High resolution 1200px X 1600px displays
  2.  Support for real-time arrivals, maps, QR codes, and more
  3. Maintenance-free hardware (no battery replacement needed)
  4.  Supports multiple sign configurations, pages, and layouts
  5. Ultra-low-power LEDs controlled by motion and light sensors
  6.  Support for text-to-speech for visually-impaired riders
  7.  Online updates and monitoring
  8.  Custom branded case with agency logo and colors
  9.  Cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet connectivity
  10.  Installs on existing structure/pole; no power or data cabling

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