Transit fare collection system

Advanced cashless fare collection solutions enhance your bottom line.


Advancements in fare collection software

In recent years, the industry has seen some cool advances in fare collection software, including touchless payment, fare reload, integration with third party transit apps, surveys, push notification, and integration with transportation network companies (TNC)! Electronic fare collection is a straightforward way to improve passenger satisfaction and help eliminate manual processes! With SPOT’s transit collection software, your agency can stay ahead of the curve and better serve passengers who are looking for newer, more convenient ways to pay.

Our electronic transit fare collection system doesn’t just make it easier on your riders. It also simplifies the responsibilities of your drivers, so they aren’t having to act as cashiers when picking up new passengers. This allows them to better focus on their responsibilities and get going quicker.

More options for riders and less hassle for drivers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of SPOT’s fare collection software.

The software also:

  • Collects data on every fare and has robust reporting features, giving you the tools to make data-driven decisions about your operations.
  • Flexible enough to allow for a variety of payment methods – mobile apps, cards, paper tokens, and more.
  • Has a tier-based pricing structure that allows riders to choose the best option for them.

We get that you and your riders may be skeptical about the security, but we can assure you that all sensitive data is protected with end-to-end encryption, data segregation, tokenization, role-based access, and more.

Today’s passengers are relying more and more on electronic forms of payment rather than cash or paper tokens, so you need to adapt. Luckily, SPOT’s electronic transit fare collection system makes it easy for you to install and convenient for riders that want to pay with a non-traditional method. Contact us to learn!


Multiple payment methods

Choose any fare medium, including contactless smart cards, mobile apps, or paper tokens.

Extensive security measures

Protect sensitive data with end-to-end encryption, role-based access, data segregation, tokenization, and more.

Robust reporting features

Dozens of reporting presents that allows for an in-depth analysis of fares by type, product, channel, new accounts, and more.

Tier-based pricing structure

Pay only for the number of transactions conducted each month, with high-volume users paying nothing.

TouchPass™ for simplified fare payment

The essential system for 21st century fare collection

ETA has a distribution agreement with TouchPass™ a next-generation touch-free fare collection system. When a mobile device, smartcard, or paper ticket is placed or swiped against the TouchPass™ reader, the system reads the QR code to immediately accesses the user’s account, calculates the appropriate fare based on passenger profile, and applies the fare to the balance. The TouchPass® platform includes:

  1. Fare engine
  2. Account managment system
  3. TouchPass™ reader
  4. TouchPass™ fare media

Track numerous fare-related statistics and make informed operational decisions with the powerful TouchPass® agency dashboard integrated into your SPOT™ administrative console. Analyze a variety of factors including fare product sales by type, daily sales, sales by channel, payments by media type, by route, transactions by user, pass usage, non-fare transactions, and more.

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