A fanatical approach to system support.

The hallmark of a partnership with ETA is an open, honest, and transparent approach to customer service.

Our corporate culture is built around the idea that a project is only successful if both parties are highly satisfied with the arrangement. Over the course of our history, we have never lost a contract due to system performance issues and we have retained 98% of our customer’s thanks to our diligent and fanatical approach to delivering an unparalleled support experience throughout the length of our contract. We work hard to understand your concerns, share lessons learned, and built a solid, trustworthy relationship where frank discussions and earnest effort form the foundation of our efforts.​

Support Laptop


Online helpdesk (preferred)

Click here to submit a support ticket, browse the SPOT™ knowledge base, and view system training and tutorials.


To submit a request for assistance, click here or use your email client to send a message to:

Phone support (emergency only)

Reserved for the most urgent support requests, please contact Graham Saunders at (561) 288-1932.

Explore ETA’s online helpdesk:

There’s much more to ETA’s online helpdesk. It’s an information portal where you can discover everything you ever wanted to know about SPOT™ including feature documentation, training materials, videos, resources, research topics, connect with other transit professionals, and conduct self-service support. The online helpdesk is your first stop to learn more about your SPOT™ ITS and connected systems.

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