Meet SPOT™: The Intelligent Transit System

ETA Transit’s core platform directly addresses the challenges of modern transit fleet management software

Intelligent Transit System Software on Desktop and Mobile

Intelligent Transit Systems (ITS) and SPOT

The SPOT transit fleet management & planning software offers a dynamic range of features that address the requirements of your operations while streamlining the path for future growth and integration. SPOT is compatible with various hardware options, granting you the freedom to select your preferred devices and develop a customized intelligent transit system that perfectly aligns with the unique needs of your operations.

SPOT represents a pivotal aspect of our commitment to providing an incredibly powerful and multi-capable Intelligent Transit Systems (ITS). The integration of SPOT within your existing systems helps to harness advanced technologies for smarter and more efficient transit operations. SPOT serves as a testament to our role in shaping the landscape of ITS, enabling transit agencies to rapidly deploy cutting-edge technologies for enhanced operational intelligence, real-time monitoring, and data-driven decision-making.

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Transit Fleet Management and SPOT

SPOT plays a crucial role in agencies’ fleet management. This transit fleet management software provides a comprehensive solution for overseeing every aspect of an agency’s fleet. From tracking vehicle locations in real-time to monitoring maintenance needs and optimizing routes, SPOT’s fleet management capabilities contribute to increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved service reliability. Our commitment to delivering robust transit fleet management software through SPOT makes us a reliable partner for your agency’s fleet operations.

Configure your transit fleet management system for today’s needs and add new features to meet tomorrow’s challenges. SPOT is a powerful intelligent transit system for connecting onboard hardware systems like passenger counters, fare collection, and infotainment. It frees you from legacy ITS hardware, eliminating the need for new equipment, servers, or IT staff. With ETA Transit’s expertise, SPOT ensures seamless integration, quick deployment, simplified software setup, and robust support for transitioning from your current ITS vendor.

Transit Fleet Management & Planning Software Infographic
Intelligent Transit System Functionality Infographic
SPOT’s cloud-hosted systems seamlessly coordinate information to all connected systems in real-time.


Transit Planning Software and SPOT

Within the realm of transit planning, SPOT emerges as a powerful tool for agencies like yours. The transit planning software embedded in SPOT enables your operation to conduct meticulous planning based on real-time data and historical insights. This not only optimizes route planning but also facilitates proactive decision-making for resource allocation and fleet deployment. SPOT ensures that transit agencies can adapt swiftly to changing demands, ultimately resulting in a more responsive and efficient planning system.

Greater reliability, superior performance, and significantly lower adoption costs come standard with SPOT. The system revolutionizes agency operations with cloud-hosted intelligent transit systems. No need for costly servers or IT technicians; everything is cloud-managed via an Internet browser. You now have transit fleet management from any device. Lower initial costs, maximize long-term ROI, and easily expand and upgrade intelligent transit system capabilities without lengthy deployment.

Expansion Options

CAD / AVL / GPS Tracking

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Pre-trip inspection

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Business intelligence

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Digital signs and kiosks

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Vehicle announcements

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Fare collection

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Tracking websites and apps

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Mobile video surveillance

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Solar e-paper signage

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Paratransit demand-response and microtransit

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Vehicle health monitoring (AVM)

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Automatic passenger counting

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Voice communication

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