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  • Biggest. Best. Number one. These are all words you’ll hear when exploring your options for intelligent transit systems (ITS). While these words may sound impressive, they offer nothing when it comes to solving the specific needs of your transit operation.

    Meet SPOT™ Manager
  • SPOT™ is an open architecture system that utilized commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This design delivers the foundation for simplified expansion and compatibility with hardware and software systems.

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Meet SPOT™

An indispensable platform to meet the challenges of modern transit operations

What factors define the criteria for a modern intelligent transit system.

  • Does it provide cloud-hosted transit fleet management?
  • Does it deliver reliable, real-time arrival predictions and system up-time?
  • Does it utilize commercially available, off-the-shelf hardware?
  • Does it integrate well with other onboard hardware?
  • Does it include a robust set of transit planning software?
  • Does it deploy in weeks, rather than months or years?
  • Does it serve as a foundation for future growth and expansion?
  • Does it cost less than traditional on-premises ITS systems?

ETA’s SPOT intelligent transit system delivers a resounding ‘yes’ to every criterium. In fact, there’s nothing quite like SPOT on the market. The SPOT transit fleet management system provides an evolving platform of capabilities that meets the needs of your transit operations and simplifies a path toward future expansion and integration. SPOT is hardware agnostic and that creates a world of options to choose your own hardware and create a “right-size” system specific to the needs of your transit operations.

Transit Asset Management Software

SPOT™ ITS: Built for easy expansion

Configure your system for today’s needs, add new features to meet tomorrow’s challenges

SPOT boasts a modular system design that streamlines customization. You don’t have to pay for transit planning software that you don’t need and will never use. You will enjoy a full-featured CAD/AVL intelligent transit system, powerful back-office software, and traveler information systems like tracking websites and mobile apps. Superior transit fleet management, route making, editing, and detour creation, full support for GTFS and GTFS-RT, and ETA’s legendary role-based instruction and fanatical customer support all come standard.

Intelligent Transit System

Expansion options:

Cloud-hosted technology

Greater reliability, superior performance, and significantly lower adoption costs than traditional locally-hosted ITS systems

Cloud-hosted intelligent transit systems are changing the way transit agencies manage their operations. With SPOT™ there are no expensive servers to purchase; no costly IT technicians on your payroll; no manual updates—everything is managed by the cloud via an Internet browser. This means your transit fleet management can be conducted from your smartphone, tablet, and the computer in your office. Initial procurement costs are lower. Long-term ROI is through the roof, and it’s easy to expand and upgrade capabilities without a lengthy deployment process.

  • Lower adoption costs
  • No need to maintain servers or IT staff
  • Securely store all collected data
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Redundant backups
  • Easily deploy new features
  • Bi-weekly updates pushed wirelessly to all vehicles and connected systems
Transit Fleet Management & Planning Software

SPOT’s cloud-hosted systems seamlessly coordinate information to all connected systems in real-time.

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