Airport transit system

Improve operations, reduce headways, compete with TNCs, and enhance the passenger experience.

Help travelers take the guesswork out of their travel.

Improve the passenger experience when you deploy SPOT™ on your parking shuttles and buses. A powerful platform that facilitates growth and expansion, SPOT™ is an essential tool in solving bus spacing issues, delivering real-time vehicle position, and collecting critical operational data. SPOT™ integrates with onboard and station displays to provide up-to-the-second arrival predictions, display flight information, TSA wait times, and drive traffic to terminal restaurants, shopping, and amenities.

Airport Shuttle

Featured Solutions

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The Need for Rugged Transit-Grade Computers in Harsh Transit Environments

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CAD / AVL / GPS Tracking

Accurate real-time vehicle tracking collects essential operational data to improve on-time performance.
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Deliver essential information, promote events, play video, generate revenue, and improve the rider experience.
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Tracking websites and apps

Keep riders informed with real-time arrival predictions, system alerts, trip planning, and more.
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Passenger counting

Deliver audio alerts, instructions, and information based on a variety of criteria, such as date, time, location, and more.
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