Airport transit system

Airport Shuttle Bus Management Software

Improve operations, reduce headways, compete with TNCs, and enhance the passenger experience.

Airport Shuttle Bus Management Software

Improve the passenger experience when you deploy our SPOT™ airport management software on your parking shuttles and buses. Unlike other solutions that are built only for fixed route transit operations, ETA specializes in airport bus tracking with advanced tracking features that work accurately even when buses run in underground terminals. Our flagship product, SPOT™ is a powerful platform that facilitates growth and expansion. It is an essential tool in solving bus spacing issues, delivering real-time vehicle position, and collecting critical operational data purpose built to reduce passenger wait times. SPOT™ integrates with onboard and station displays to provide up-to-the-second arrival predictions, display flight information, TSA wait times, and drive traffic to terminal restaurants, shopping, and amenities.

ETA’s Airport Shuttle Bus Management Software optimizes the operation of airport shuttle bus service. Our SPOT system offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline planning, dispatching, and monitoring of airport shuttle busses. By leveraging advanced technologies such as GPS tracking and real-time data analytics, our shuttle management software enables airports to improve operational efficiency, enhance the rider experience, and ensure timely and reliable airport shuttle services.

Key Features of Airport Bus Tracking Software

Offering a range of key features tailored to the specific needs of your airport transit service needs, our airport bus tracking software delivers real-time vehicle tracking, automatic on-board announcements on, automatic passenger counting to see when/where riders are boarding your buses while managing bus capacity, and much more. By providing airport staff and passengers with up-to-date information on shuttle locations and estimated arrival times, airport bus tracking software enhances transparency, reduces wait times, and improves overall customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of Airport Transit Solutions

Our SPOT system provides airport transportation solutions that bring numerous benefits to airport operators, shuttle drivers, and passengers alike. For airports, these solutions enable more efficient management of shuttle services, leading to cost savings, improved resource allocation, and enhanced operational oversight. For shuttle drivers, airport transportation solutions streamline workflow, optimize routes, and provide valuable support tools, ultimately improving job satisfaction and performance. For passengers, these solutions result in a more seamless and enjoyable airport experience.

By offering robust, user-friendly software solutions that leverage the latest technologies, ETA Transit empowers airport operations like yours to overcome challenges and deliver superior transportation experiences to passengers. With Airport Shuttle Bus Management Software and bus tracking solutions, airports can enhance efficiency, improve service quality, and meet the unique demands of modern travelers in today’s fast-paced airport environment.

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