We’ve given SPOT™ a makeover.

Check out SPOT’s fantastic new look!

For the past few months, the ETA Design Lab has been hard at work developing a new look for the SPOT back-office console. It hasn’t been easy, because one of the core mandates of this refresh of the user interface was to keep all the navigation the same. We all wanted you to be able to slide right into this new UI without having to worry that you wouldn’t know where to find your favorite software module. The good news is that we feel we accomplished that goal while improving the overall user experience.

That’s right, zero learning curve. 

Image of new SPOT UI
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Here’s a look at the improvements you can expect to see in this update:

  • We have enhanced the condensed the look of the top and left toolbars to provide more visual real estate.
  • We developed a new set of modern iconography to provide a better visual differentiation between software modules, menu items, and features.
  • You will enjoy a consistent design philosophy between all modules—color utilization, fonts, tables, and graphics all follow the same standards
  • We have improved the visual presentation of on-screen elements to include larger fonts, better spacing between elements, and improved contrast.
  • Table design has also been dramatically improved, with greater height between rows, banded coloring, and consistent positioning of icons
  • In the Map module, we switched to a desaturated map to provide improved legibility and identification of both routes and assets.
  • Asset icons have also been enhanced with better on-screen presentation, better iconography, vehicle numbering, on-time performance, and vehicle direction.
  • Pop-ups design has also been improved with better alignment between elements, more information (including configurable real-time passenger load, fuel gauge, bicycle and wheelchair utilization, and more).

Sample screenshots of the new SPOT™ user interface:

Tell us what you think about the new UI!

How did we do? Where did we excel, and where might there be room for improvement? After you’ve had time to play with the new interface for a few days, we’d love to know what you think! Let us know in this short survey.

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