Fare collection

Advanced cashless fare collection solutions enhance your bottom line.

The integration with fare collection systems is a strength of the SPOT™ intelligent transit system. We easily integrate with a variety of established vendors, ranging from traditional systems to cutting-edge touchless solutions. ETA has developed proven integrations with these and other suppliers to better manage the collection and analysis of information by associating the data with stops, routes, and fare categories.

The fare system is integrated with the SPOT™ Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) for single-point login, that simplifies driver responsibilities at the start of every run. This allows transit agencies to streamline their operations and remove the need to access multiple systems to match and compare data. Everything can be resourced from the SPOT™ administrative console and its robust suite of reporting and business intelligence tools.


Multiple payment methods
Choose any fare medium, including contactless smart cards, mobile apps, or paper tokens.
Extensive security measures
Protect sensitive data with end-to-end encryption, role-based access, data segregation, tokenization, and more.
Robust reporting features
Dozens of reporting presents that allows for an in-depth analysis of fares by type, product, channel, new accounts, and more.
Tier-based pricing structure
Pay only for the number of transactions conducted each month, with high-volume users paying nothing.

TouchPass™ for simplified fare payment

The essential system for 21st centure fare collection

ETA has a distribution agreement with TouchPass™ a next-generation touch-free fare collection system. When a mobile device, smartcard, or paper ticket is placed or swiped against the TouchPass™ reader, the system reads the QR code to immediately accesses the user’s account, calculates the appropriate fare based on passenger profile, and applies the fare to the balance. The TouchPass® platform includes:

  1. Fare engine
  2. Account managment system
  3. TouchPass™ reader
  4. TouchPass™ fare media

Track numerous fare-related statistics and make informed operational decisions with the powerful TouchPass® agency dashboard integrated into your SPOT™ administrative console. Analyze a variety of factors including fare product sales by type, daily sales, sales by channel, payments by media type, by route, transactions by user, pass usage, non-fare transactions, and more.

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  • SPOT™ is an open architecture system that utilized commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This design delivers the foundation for simplified expansion and compatibility with hardware and software systems.

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