ETA Transit drives its SPOT™ CAD/AVL system into Richland County

Boca Raton, FL – March 28, 2024 — Richland County Transit (RCT), operator of the Mansfield, Ohio public bus system, has awarded a contract to ETA Transit Systems, a leading provider of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions. The contract includes a comprehensive Computer-Aided Dispatch/Automated Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL) system, featuring:

  • Dispatch and planning software for optimized route management
  • Powerful analytics tools for streamlined National Transit Database (NTD) reporting
  • Onboard announcement systems for improved rider communication
  • Real-time passenger information systems for enhanced rider experience

The new CAD/AVL system will provide RCT with a centralized platform for managing its 19-bus fleet. Dispatchers will gain real-time visibility into vehicle location, allowing them to optimize routes, respond to disruptions efficiently, and improve on-time performance. Powerful analytics tools will streamline NTD reporting, a federal requirement for public transit agencies that receive federal funding. Onboard announcement systems will keep riders informed about upcoming stops and service changes. Additionally, a real-time passenger information system will provide riders with up-to-date arrival and departure times.

“We are proud to partner with Richland County Transit to deliver a comprehensive transit technology solution that improves operational efficiency and enhances the rider experience,” said Joshua Adler, Lead Project Manager at ETA Transit Systems. “Our commitment is to providing transit agencies with the tools they need to deliver world-class public transportation.”

Richland County Transit

RCT provides safe, reliable, and affordable public transportation services to the residents of Mansfield and surrounding areas in Richland County, Ohio. RCT operates service on various routes, connecting residents to jobs, shopping, education, and essential services.

About ETA Transit

ETA Transit Systems is a leading provider of innovative transit solutions, committed to revolutionizing public transportation for agencies and passengers alike. Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and the overall transit experience. ETA specializes in CAD/AVL technology to include automatic passenger counting (APC), GTFS and GTFS-RT, traveler information systems, and digital display systems for public transit agencies, universities, and other shuttle bus operations across the United States. For more information, visit, email, or call (800) 382-0917.

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