Passenger counting

Forget about the clipboard, tallying passengers is easy as one … two … three.

Level up your ridership tallies with ETA Transit’s hyper-accurate automatic passenger counting (APC) system. Our state-of-the-art hardware delivers real-time data to your back office systems to help with ridership forecasting, route analysis, NTD reporting, and so much more.

SPOT™ APCs feature bi-directional counting on a definable line, with variable positioning to allow for adaptation to on-site requirements. The counters automatically detect U-turns to avoid accidental double counting, and intelligent auto-detection capabilities can distinguish luggage, briefcases, bags, and other static objects to ensure accurate tallies of boarding and alighting passengers. The system also compensates for any interference causes by the opening and closing of doors. The APC is capable of video streaming and recording to external storage media without user intervention.

The result is a reliable automatic counting system that greatly simplifies driver responsibilities while ensuring accuracy in a variety of operating conditions.


Standard MDT-based digital counting
Eliminate the uncertainty of manual counts with our single-tap electronic passenger counting module.
Integrated diagnostics
Quickly verify functionality and overall system health with built-in diagnostic tools.
Automatic passenger counter option
Ensure the highest level of performance and precision with 98 percent accurate automatic passenger counters (APC).
Live video streaming
Get a live look-in on passengers as they board and alight the vehicle.
Carry-on and U-turn identification
APCs automatically differentiate between boarding, alighting, and U-turn passengers, and the items they carry.
Real-time reporting
Get accurate counts as they happen and feed that data to your apps and websites to riders in the form of vehicle loads.
Energy efficient with small installation footprint
Securely installed and with a minimal profile, APCs are downright miserly when it comes to power consumption.
Exceptionally reliable hardware
An investment in quality with APC MTBF greater than 500,000 hours.

Our most accurate system

Achieve up to 98-percent accurate counts with a Hella® APC

While SPOT™ can reliably integrate with every major APC supplier on the
market, we’d be lying if we didn’t state that we had a fondness for Hella® APCS. ETA was the first intelligent transit provider to deploy Hella® APCs in the United States, and we’ve come to appreciate the simplicity and accuracy of this exceptional piece of hardware.

In our view, it’s the most reliable counting hardware on the market and our SPOT™ ITS takes advantage of every inch of its capabilities. Across thousands of installs nationwide we have never experienced a hardware failure—even in the most challenging and high-demand transit operations

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  • Biggest. Best. Number one. These are all words you’ll hear when exploring your options for intelligent transit systems (ITS). While these words may sound impressive, they offer nothing when it comes to solving the specific needs of your transit operation.

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  • SPOT™ is an open architecture system that utilized commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This design delivers the foundation for simplified expansion and compatibility with hardware and software systems.

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