ETA Transit Systems Marks 3-Year Milestone with Onboard Infotainment System Deployment for Valley Regional Transit in Boise, Idaho

Boca Raton, FL – January 9, 2024

ETA Transit Systems (ETA), a trailblazing provider of innovative transit solutions, proudly announces the successful deployment of its state-of-the-art onboard infotainment system for Valley Regional Transit in Boise, Idaho. This achievement signifies a major advancement in elevating the passenger experience and ushering in a new era of intelligent transit technology.

Valley Regional Transit (VRT) has long been dedicated to delivering efficient and enjoyable public transportation services to the community. With the integration of ETA Transit Systems’ onboard infotainment system, passengers can now enjoy a seamless journey with access to real-time transit information, multimedia options, and real-time rider alerts.

Key features of the onboard infotainment system include:

  1. Real-Time Transit Information: Passengers can stay informed about bus schedules, routes, and arrival times in real-time, ensuring a more predictable and convenient travel experience.
  2. Infotainment Content: The system offers a variety of real-time data feeds, including RSS feeds, weather, and news, providing passengers with an engaging journey.
  3. Interactive Maps: Geolocation-enabled interactive maps help passengers track their journey progress, making navigation through the transit system more intuitive.
  4. Emergency Alerts and Notifications: In case of emergencies or important announcements, the system delivers instant alerts and notifications to keep passengers informed and safe.
  5. Integrated Next Stop Announcements: The infotainment system seamlessly integrates with the existing onboard announcements system.
  6. Accessibility Features: Designed with accessibility in mind, the system includes integrated onboard announcements that synchronize next stop information by aligning onboard audio and display text.

ETA Transit Systems proudly upholds its commitment to innovation and the continuous enhancement of public transportation. The deployment of the onboard infotainment system in partnership with Valley Regional Transit exemplifies this dedication.

“We are thrilled to commemorate our 3-year anniversary with VRT. Our collaboration underscores our ongoing commitment to enhancing the passenger experience and transforming public transportation into a more connected and enjoyable journey,” said John Maglio, President at ETA Transit Systems.

“Our latest onboard infotainment system, in synergy with ETA’s innovative CAD/AVL system, revolutionizes the way our riders receive information,” said VRT’s CEO, Elaine Clegg. “It offers our customers the convenience of real-time bus tracking, schedule updates, and essential announcements.”

Nick Moran, IT Manager at VRT, states  “ETA has skillfully overseen the project’s execution, and we eagerly anticipate extending this enhanced capability throughout our entire fleet,” added Nick Moran, IT Manager at VRT.

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