ETA Transit Systems Secures Contract with Via to Enhance Sioux Area Metro Public Transit Network in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Sioux Falls, SD – March 18, 2024 ETA Transit Systems, a leading CAD/AVL bus technology provider, and Via, the global leader in TransitTech, have partnered to upgrade the Sioux Area Metro (SAM) public transit network in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In a mere four weeks, ETA deployed a state of the art 26 bus fixed route ITS project. More impressively, ETA demonstrated their dedication by completing the bus installation in one week during the December 2023 holiday season.

The benefits of the new CAD/AVL System include:

  • Enhanced Reliability: Real-time bus tracking through the CAD/AVL system allows riders to see exactly when the next
    bus will arrive, improving trip planning and reducing wait times.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Dispatchers can optimize routes, manage detours, and respond faster to delays or
    incidents with real-time data on bus locations.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The system gathers valuable data on operational patterns, which can be used to
    improve service and resource allocation.

This collaboration between two leading public transit technology providers is allowing the City of Sioux Falls to achieve its vision of creating a stronger public transportation ecosystem. Since the partnership commenced in early January, the SAM bus network has already seen steady ridership growth, and passengers have enjoyed disruption-free service – a feat in the face of South Dakota’s often challenging winter weather.

“ETA Transit Systems is thrilled to partner with Via and the City of Sioux Falls to modernize the SAM system,” said Jariel Adler, Director of Business Development and Partnerships of ETA Transit Systems. “Our goal is to provide residents and visitors with a more convenient, reliable, and user-friendly transit experience. Through this partnership, we are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to optimize operations and improve the quality of life for the community.”

“Via is excited to collaborate with ETA Transit Systems, a team that shares our vision for using intelligent technology to transform public transit networks to create more efficient service and better rider experiences. We’re proud of the results we’ve delivered for the community and we look forward to continued success in 2024,” said Emily Shapiro, Via’s General Manager for Sioux Falls.

Together, ETA Transit Systems, Via, and the City of Sioux Falls are reshaping urban mobility and creating a more connected community.

About ETA Transit Systems

ETA Transit Systems specializes in CAD/AVL technology to include automatic passenger counting (APC), GTFS and GTFS-RT, traveler information systems, and digital display systems for public transit agencies, universities, and other shuttle bus operations across the United States. For more information, visit, email, or call (800) 382-0917.

About Via

Founded in 2012, Via pioneered the TransitTech category by using new technologies to develop public mobility systems — optimizing networks of buses, shuttles, wheelchair accessible vehicles, school buses, autonomous vehicles, and electric vehicles around the globe. Building the world’s most efficient, equitable, and sustainable transportation network for all riders — including those with limited mobility, those without smartphones, and unbanked populations — Via works with its partners to lower the costs of public transit while providing transportation options that rival the convenience of a personal car while reducing the environmental impact. At the intersection of transportation and technology, Via is a visionary market leader that combines software innovation with sophisticated service design and operational expertise to fundamentally improve the way the world moves, providing technology in 700 communities and more than 35 countries and counting.

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