Indiana University Upgrades Shuttle Bus Technology with ETA Transit System

Bloomington, IN – June 17, 2024

Indiana University (IU) has partnered with ETA Transit Systems, a leader in innovative transit solutions, to enhance its campus shuttle bus service. This collaboration strengthens IU’s commitment to providing a diverse range of sustainable transportation options for students and staff. IU selected ETA after a rigorous evaluation process involving eight vendors. ETA impressed with:

  • Exceptional Customer Satisfaction: ETA boasts a 97% customer renewal rate, reflecting their dedication to long-term client success.
  • Durable Hardware: With 20 years of experience in transit-grade hardware, ETA offers robust technology built to endure daily use.
  • Feature-Rich User Interface: ETA’s proposal stood out with the most features presented in a user-friendly format.

Previously, IU relied on tablet-based MDTs (Mobile Data Terminals) that experienced reliability issues. This new system, implemented ahead of schedule in May 2024, features a core CAD/AVL (Computer- Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location) platform with significant benefits:

  • Improved Rider Awareness: Automatic onboard announcements keep passengers informed of upcoming stops.
  • Enhanced Ridership Data: Real-time automatic passenger counting provides valuable data for service optimization.
  • Seamless Trip Planning: GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) and GTFS real-time data integration allows riders to plan trips efficiently.
  • Elevated User Experience: A variety of passenger information systems improve the overall transit experience.

“We are excited to partner with Indiana University on this project,” said ETA Transit project manager Joshua Adler. “By implementing innovative technology, we are confident we can significantly improve service efficiency and the user experience. This collaboration exemplifies how advancements in public transportation technology can benefit everyone.”

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