CAD / AVL / GPS tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking and data collection.

Meet SPOT™. Out-of-the-box, the SPOT™ Core system creates a sustainable foundation for public transit operations. Packed with essential tools and capabilities, our flagship ITS provides an immediate boost and sets the table for simplified expansion, streamlined operations, and customization for the future.

Our versatile solution comes in two flavors: SPOT™ Core—designed for large operations with a high volume count and the need for additional on-vehicle hardware like passenger counters and Structure tracking; and SPOTLite™—a tablet-based solution developed for smaller operations that simply need to track vehicles, provide traveler-facing information systems, and simple integration with digital displays.

Both systems come with a powerful suite of back office software and cloud-hosted SAAS architecture, complete with route creation, reporting, system messaging, and user management features—with plenty of options for expansion, like self-service analytics and onboard announcements.


Map-based tracking
Track vehicles in real time, with current speed, OTP, passenger load, and other critical information for riders and dispatchers.
Service alerts
Quickly create and deploy service messages to all SPOT-connected systems, including signs, vehicles, and apps.
Route management and creation
Manage all aspects of your operations routes with SPOT’s intuitive Route Manager.
Instant Replay
Review, rewind, and fast-forward through all recorded vehicle data on a map to review incidence, performance, and more
Live stop performance and asset tracking
Get a real-time look-in at how your buses and shuttles are performing at each stop and against established schedules.
Quickly import, manage, and export route information to both GTFS and GTFS-RT formats.
Live vehicle anti-bunching and headway tracking
Easily manage headways and vehicle spacing with intuitive console- and MDT-based anti-bunching tools.
Comprehensive data collection
SPOT™ automatically collects and stores all connected operational information for real-time analysis.

Unprecedented control over your routes

Unleash game-changing route management (with a twist)

SPOT™ unleashes a new generation of route development and management into the transit arena. We’ve taken the WYSIWYG tools from the last decade and supercharged them with a next-gen connected media system that delivers an unprecedented amount of control in a single, easy-to-use resource. Key features include:

  1. Point-and-click route creation
  2. Multimedia asset, triggering, and announcement management
  3. Robust versioning, scheduling, and detour creation
  4. Instant GTFS and GTFS-RT import and export
  5. Automatic timetable creation

It’s the culmination of years of hands-on industry research from select transit operations across the country. This is a next-generation route management system unlike anything else currently on the market—one demonstration and you’ll agree this is special transit tech.

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  • Biggest. Best. Number one. These are all words you’ll hear when exploring your options for intelligent transit systems (ITS). While these words may sound impressive, they offer nothing when it comes to solving the specific needs of your transit operation.

    Meet SPOT™ Manager
  • SPOT™ is an open architecture system that utilized commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This design delivers the foundation for simplified expansion and compatibility with hardware and software systems.

    Nicole Castonguay ECO
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