Florida chooses ETA: ETA Transit designated as a approved tech partner

The State of Florida recently named ETA Transit as a preferred vendor for intelligent transit technology. This designation provides you with a streamlined way of ordering all the latest tech you need for your operations at low, low pre-negotiated rates, including:

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Eta Transit

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Why choose ETA Transit?

The latest technology combined with decades of experience.

ETA Transit has been of the forefront of location-based intelligent transit technology since its inception in 2003. As one of the pioneers of modern, cloud-hosted ITS systems, our founders’ roots in transit can be traced even further to the mid-1990s and the legacy rail tracking platform, TrainTrac™ by GeoFocus™. Unlike many recent upstarts in the transit technology space, our history delivers a legacy spanning over a quarter of a century of multi-modal transit experience and successful deployments across the United States

An experienced team

The ETA team is one that boasts over 150 years of combined experience within the transit industry, including public transit, rail, airport, university, medical, and hospitality markets. Individually our staff competencies are diverse, with many holding advanced degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, finance, and marketing—all critical disciplines to a company dedicated to creating impactful systems that address the entirety of a transit agency’s operations.

A consultative approach

At the core of our business process is a driving desire to ensure our transit partners have the resources and information to make an informed decision. Our goal is to provide you and your agency with a safe, objective, and collaborative environment. Together we jointly explore the requirements and develop solutions tailored to meet the precise needs of your individual situation. The result is a finely-tuned ITS solution designed to meet your immediate needs—and one that evolves with you as the realities of your competitive marketplace change. Learn more.

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